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Professional A/C Repair

It can be aggravating when, after flipping that switch on the thermostat, nothing happens. Resist the urge to resort to do-it-yourself work. Many units have warranties that can become void and the best way to ensure the safe operation is through service from a trained and certified HVAC professional. Total Comfort Solutions will not only pinpoint the problem, determine the best course of action, but we will also discuss options and keep you informed as we proceed.

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Heating & Furnace Repair

Your furnace is a complex appliance, and probably one of your biggest home investments. When you experience an interruption in performance, don’t try your hand at do-it-yourself repair. You may possibly void warranty coverage and, for safety’s sake, complex problems are best left to the professionals.

What To Expect...

The technicians from Total Comfort Solutions arrive equipped to handle a wide range of problems, striving to get the job done right in a single visit if at all possible. If replacement parts are necessary, we will do our best to get you back to perfect comfort in no time. We work on all makes and models, regardless of age, and keep your best interest as our priority, whether the more affordable option is repair or replace. If a new air conditioning unit is necessary, we partner with the top names in the industry, offering refreshingly high SEER, peace-of-mind warranties, and the latest innovations on the market today.


When you’re in the market for air conditioning repair in Warrington, Warminster, Newtown, Jamison, Chalfont & Doylestown, PA, look no further. Total Comfort Solutions has provided premium HVAC service to our friends and neighbors since 1980, expanding our client list through superior workmanship, outstanding dedication and in-depth training. For perfect home comfort, there’s no better choice than Total Comfort Solutions.