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HEPA Filters

Adding high efficiency or HEPA filters to a heating and air system will not help remove these particles since most residential systems are not designed to work with HEPA filters. According to the American Lung Association, whole–home air cleaners and other indoor air quality equipment, such as humidifiers and UV germicidal lights, can provide additional protection for overly–sensitive people. Call us if you have further questions or would like a free estimate on a new air filtration system for your home.

Call TCS Heating and Air Conditioning for air filtration and air purification services. We provide comprehensive installation services for a variety of air purification systems, and we can also upgrade or replace existing equipment. If you are looking for maintenance or repair services, call us any time. We offer annual tune–ups and emergency repairs for any type of whole–home air purification equipment. Call us today and start breathing more easily with improved indoor air quality.

We understand the importance of year-round temperature control. Give us a call today for a free estimate at (215) 671-8375 or visit us online at

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