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Zoned Temperature Control lets you control the temperature throughout your entire home!

Zoned Temperature Control lets you control the temperature throughout your entire home! You wouldn't control all the lights in your home with one switch so why control the temperature throughout your entire home with just one thermostat? Different areas of your house have different temperature needs, as do individual family members.


You use your home in many ways.  You can divide your home into separate areas allowing you to control the conditioning in areas you don't often use or spaces where the occupant has different preferences.  


Zoning your home's heating & cooling system may be the solution. 

Our HVAC zoning controls and systems provide your home with many advantages. You can meet the specific airflow and temperature needs of one area without affecting other areas.  A properly designed system can save you hundreds in energy bills. When integrated with variable speed and/or two-stage HVAC systems, zoning allows your heating and cooling equipment to deliver peak performance and efficiency without continually operating at peak capacity. Lower speeds mean quieter operation. 


HVAC Zoning systems allow you to control the temperature throughout your entire home, providing your family with total comfort and energy savings.


Zoned Heating and Cooling  System Benefits:

  • High (cathedral) ceilings - If one or more rooms have high ceilings and other rooms don’t, you may experience differing temperatures from uneven airflow.

  • Many large windows - Glass doors and windows are often the primary problems in temperature control. High-efficiency windows and doors help but may not prevent hot or cold spots.  A sun room with multiple windows can often be made more comfortable with zoning.

  • Multiple stories and lofts - Heat rises. if you use one central thermostat, your higher floors will be warmer and your lower ones cooler.

  • Different temperature preferences- Sometimes one person likes a much warmer or cooler temperature than the rest of the family. Installing a zone in that family member’s room allows he or she to have individual control of their space without affecting the rest of the house.

  • Basement or attic living space - Often the hardest areas to control temperature wise.  They can experience extreme temperature shifts.

  • Above-garage rooms or apartments - These areas are many times the victim of too little insulation and hard to heat or cool.


System Zoning Benefits:

  • Reduced Energy Costs

  • Quieter Operation of HVAC Equipment

  • Greater Comfort for your Family

What To Expect...

The technicians from Total Comfort Solutions arrive equipped to handle a wide range of problems, striving to get the job done right in a single visit if at all possible. If replacement parts are necessary, we will do our best to get you back to perfect comfort in no time. We work on all makes and models, regardless of age, and keep your best interest as our priority, whether the more affordable option is repair or replace. If a new air conditioning unit is necessary, we partner with the top names in the industry, offering refreshingly high SEER, peace-of-mind warranties, and the latest innovations on the market today.


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