If you’re looking into getting AC and heating maintenance in Montgomeryville, PA, you’re on the right track. The fact is that every HVAC system, be it a furnace, heat pump, or mini-split, deserves a professional tune-up once a year. We are Montgomeryville’s Best Heating and Cooling Company!

Usually, one should schedule cooling maintenance for the spring and heating maintenance for the autumn. In the one to two hours that it takes to perform a tune-up, the technician can cover many tasks that let your system run smoothly at all times. It may run more efficiently than it has in a while, and you may notice a drop in your monthly utility bill.

At the same time, efficient performance means less premature wear and tear on various components. You may successfully avoid major repairs like motor and coil replacement. The handful of repairs you might need in a year will be minor and not disrupt performance. Lastly, you’ll get to put off replacing the system altogether. Well-maintained furnaces and heat pumps can go for 15 years, and mini-splits can last twice as long. Another advantage to expert maintenance is that it keeps a manufacturer’s warranty from becoming void.

Montgomeryville AC and Heating Maintenance Basics

As for what the typical maintenance visit covers, it all starts with a visual inspection of the system. For heat pumps, that includes both the indoor and outdoor unit as well as the refrigerant line. The technician may check the ducts for either debris build-up or leaks, but addressing either would require a separate appointment. You can expect the tune-up to include many minor adjustments and repairs, though.

Here are some tasks that maintenance includes:
  • Air filter replacement and thermostat calibration
  • Tightening of any loose connections
  • Lubrication for bearings and other parts
  • Testing of safety controls and a start-up check

The technician may also check for gas leaks in the heat exchangers of furnaces and refrigerant leaks in heat pumps. You can see, then, how maintenance can have its safety benefits as well. For the most part, however, the visit is meant to ensure that parts are in good working order. If you need a major repair down the line, the technician will bring it up in a written report at the end and leave the scheduling and other details to your discretion.