Look no further than TCS Heating and Air Conditioning for expert furnace repair in Montgomeryville, PA. You need reliable heating and cooling systems to maintain your home’s comfortable temperature year-round. For affordable and top-quality heating and cooling repairs, contact your local, Montgomeryville HVAC Pros.

Unfortunately, frequent use and a lack of maintenance can result in system issues like irregular cycles, high energy costs, and a lack of indoor comfort.

If these concerns aren’t resolved promptly, they can result in expensive part replacements or a potential premature replacement. When you need furnace or AC repair in Montgomeryville, trust the experienced technicians at TCS Heating and Air Conditioning.

Montgomeryville Furnace Repair Services

No matter how old or well-maintained, any furnace can encounter sudden surprise issues that require repairs. Pinpointing warning signs early can save you from dealing with more costly service fees later. For heating systems like furnaces, you may initially notice a lack of hot air from your vents.

Weak air from the vents could create temperature fluctuations in the home, leaving some areas too warm while others too cold. Inconsistent heating is often a result of compromised ductwork, dirty filters, or a problem with your system’s blower motor.

Faulty furnace pilot lights can also create issues that impact the system’s efficiency. If the flame flickers or burns an unusual yellow or orange, there could be a gas leak. Pilot lights that frequently go out may have a faulty sensor or dirty burners.

Without a functioning pilot, your furnace may not be able to start heating cycles regularly. Other heating system concerns to watch out for include a blower that runs constantly, unusual functioning noises, strange odors, and unexplained leaks or pooling water.

Air conditioners can encounter similar concerns with malfunctioning thermostats, clogged filters, and new, strange sounds. They may also encounter electrical problems like faulty wiring that constantly trips your circuit breaker. If you have an older gas furnace in disrepair, you should be wary of a potential gas leak that could result in carbon monoxide entering your home.

The most significant risk with AC units is an electrical or fire hazard. Air conditioners are also unique because they utilize refrigerant to cool your home. When your AC’s lines begin to leak, the system can create a noticeable hissing noise. This problem may manifest as a frozen evaporator coil or a lack of cool air in the home.