If your home feels humid in summertime, TCS Heating and Air Conditioning recommends a whole-house dehumidifier in New Britain, PA. Our experts can integrate your whole-home dehumidifier into your current HVAC system. Give us a call to discuss this process, we are the best HVAC Company in the area!

A dehumidifier helps keep your home at the recommended humidity level. Between 30% – 40% moisture level during the winter and 50% – 60% during summer in your home’s air improves indoor air quality. Dehumidifiers also reduce wear and tear on your air conditioner or heat pump.

We offer the top whole-home dehumidifiers from the most trusted brands. Many are ENERGY STAR systems, which means they use about 13% less electricity than other models.

Premier Whole-House Dehumidifier Installation

Relative humidity (RH) measures moisture content in a building’s air. Summer is an especially challenging time to keep your home from becoming overly humid. The Environmental Protection Agency warns against an RH above 60% and advises homeowners to target between 30% and 60%.

Your air conditioner or heat pump dehumidifies the air when it operates. However, even with your cooling systems running consistently, you may struggle to keep your home below a 60% humidity level. Many homeowners install dehumidifiers to complement their central air conditioning and control excess humidity.

Portable dehumidifiers are an option, but they only dehumidify a localized area. A whole-home dehumidifier can provide drier air throughout the entire home and keep your home at your desired humidity level. Additionally, you can integrate many models with a smart thermostat for even more convenience.

One notable advantage of a whole-home system is its simple installation process. Our technician will install yours on the supply side of the HVAC system before your air conditioner to ensure the air is dried before it reaches your cooling system. This setup results in more efficient cooling, reducing your monthly electricity bills.

Another advantage of a whole-house system is its dedicated drainage system. With the portable variety, you must empty its collection container, possibly several times daily.