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Heating Maintenance

Like any complex machine, your HVAC. Heating System will last longer if properly maintained.  Regular service on a system prevents over 30% of potential repairs, which saves you money over the lifetime of the equipment. Yearly maintenance will help your system “breathe” properly. If your HVAC system is not maintained, it will run less efficiently and waste energy.  A clogged air filter, blocked condenser unit, or problems with your ductwork can all limit airflow. A professional inspection by one of our technicians we can identify concerns before they become issues.

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Tips From The TCS Pros...

Benefit of having a Maintenance plan:

Lowers Utility Bills

Extends the Life of the Equipment

Leads to Fewer Repairs

Offers Discounts on Parts and Labor Repairs

One Year Replacement Guarantee

Reduced Diagnostic Fee

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Heat Maintenance

During standard maintenance, our NATE certified technicians will perform a complete 22 point inspection ensuring your system is running to manufactures specifications.


 Service from Total Comfort Solutions will validate warranty coverage, and by having maintenance during the off-season, you won’t be caught waiting for replacement components during the cold of winter.

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