New Britain and the surrounding areas have many older homes known for beautiful architecture and intricate stonework. If you own one of these distinctive residences, you might wonder how you can upgrade your HVAC system while maintaining your property’s appearance. Installing a new heating and cooling system in an older home presents unique challenges. Here’s where a ductless system from TCS Heating and Air Conditioning can help! Keep reading to learn how a ductless system could benefit you.

All About Ductless Systems

Also known as a ductless mini-split, a ductless heating and cooling system uses connected indoor and outdoor units to regulate the temperature in your home. The outdoor condenser unit contains the compressor and other parts. Inside your home, an indoor air handler unit mounted on the wall or ceiling distributes the air. A conduit carries the refrigerant and drain lines between the indoor and outdoor units. Typically, each room has its own indoor handler.

The Benefits of a Ductless System

Here are some benefits of choosing a ductless system for an older home.

Preservation of Architectural Features

Many older homes have architectural features that homeowners want to preserve. If your house was built before the 1940s, it may not have the ductwork to support a gas or electric furnace. Installing ductwork is a major renovation that could damage its unique architecture. Our team of HVAC technicians will evaluate your home and recommend a setup that won’t damage the stonework, chimneys, and other features that make your home special.

More Installation Options

A traditional HVAC system uses a network of ducts to distribute air throughout your home. If your home doesn’t have these ducts, a ductless system is a great choice. You can select from wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or floor-standing indoor air handlers. Our HVAC technicians at TCS Heating and Air Conditioning can design a ductless system that uses several indoor air handlers to create zones in your home. You can set each zone at a different temperature and achieve a customized climate in your home. Most customers prefer to have an air handler in each bedroom, providing optimal comfort for sleeping.

Improved Temperature Regulation

In the winter, you may notice uneven temperatures and more drafts in your New Britain or Doylestown home. As your home ages, the insulation in your walls and attic can settle. The materials used for insulation can lose their effectiveness with age. Moisture and pests can also affect the insulation’s temperature-regulating ability. Older windows and doors also can let cold, drafty air inside. You may notice warm or cool spots in your home. Ductless HVAC systems can solve your home’s temperature issues. You can divide your home into zones with individual air handlers and thermostats. The zoning feature allows you to turn off the system in unoccupied areas.

Better Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners worry about the rising cost of utility bills. Because of inadequate insulation or seals, you may spend more to heat and cool your home. A traditional furnace may use a lot of energy to heat your home. Ductless heating and cooling systems use electricity instead of gas. These systems often have high SEER ratings and energy-saving features. Over time, you may notice that your utility bills decrease.

A traditional HVAC system delivers air to your home through ducts. As air moves through the ducts, the air can escape through gaps, connections, and joints. Older ductwork is particularly prone to air loss. A ductless system blows air directly into the rooms you are heating or cooling. You won’t experience the energy loss that often occurs in ductwork. Many ductless HVAC systems include the following advanced technologies that can improve your older home’s energy efficiency:

  • Variable-speed compressor
  • Inverter technology
  • Multiple temperature controls
  • Variable-speed fans

These features work together to provide consistent heating and cooling without raising energy bills.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Your home accumulates dust, dander, pollen, and other pollutants that can affect your indoor air quality. Ductwork often spreads these pollutants throughout your home. With a ductless system, you won’t have to worry about pollutant and mold buildup in your ducts and vents.

Many ductless HVACs have multi-stage filtration systems. This filtration system uses several layers of filters to capture common indoor pollutants. The pre-filter captures large particles like dust and pet hair. A HEPA filter catches pollen, mold, bacteria, and other smaller particles. If your system includes an activated carbon filter, this filter will neutralize odors and remove chemicals.

Quieter Operation

Traditional HVAC systems use a large compressor and fan that can produce a lot of noise. The circulation of air through ducts also can increase the noise levels in your home. Ductless systems are significantly quieter than traditional HVAC units. In a ductless HVAC system, the noisy compressors and fans are in the outdoor unit. By placing the noisiest components outside, the ductless system reduces the noise level in your home.

Space-saving Features

Most newer homes have open floorplans with ample room for ductwork and the HVAC unit. In a newer home, HVAC technicians will install the furnace unit in a closet or basement and connect it to ductwork running through your home. In contrast, older homes often have smaller rooms without a closet or basement space for an HVAC unit. Retrofitting your home with ductwork can take up a lot of space in your attic or basement.

A ductless system gives you the heating and cooling system that you need without taking up precious square footage in your home. Indoor air handlers need a few feet of wall or ceiling space. We can place this unit in an unobtrusive location. Our HVAC technicians will cut a three-inch hole in the wall to install the conduit, which connects the air handlers with the outside unit. We work with your home’s layout and architectural features to find the best possible location for your ductless HVAC system.

Your Ductless Mini-split Installation Team

When extreme temperatures arrive, you don’t want to sit in an uncomfortable home. At TCS Heating and Air Conditioning, we strive to provide the best HVAC service in the area. We offer installation, maintenance, and repair services. Our mission is to provide efficient, effective service at an affordable price.

We offer more than just ductless heating and air conditioning systems. Our team can install a new gas or electric furnace. We also repair and service all makes and models of HVAC systems. If you’re concerned about your older home’s indoor air quality, ask us about our air purification and balancing systems. From air filters to dehumidifiers, we offer a full range of products that can improve your indoor air quality. We install, repair, and service boilers, too.

You can schedule your appointment by calling us or filling out our online form. If your HVAC system fails when you need it most, you can count on our emergency repair service. Contact our experienced technicians at TCS Heating and Air Conditioning in New Britain and ask about our ductless HVAC systems today.

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