Regular maintenance is essential for your HVAC system to remain in optimal working condition. It is recommended that you schedule maintenance twice a year to ensure that your system is functioning properly and efficiently. However, many homeowners tend to neglect this important task for various reasons, such as inconvenience and cost. While it may seem like HVAC maintenance is an expensive hassle, there are many reasons why investing in it is a smart decision for any household.

What Routine HVAC Maintenance Typically Entails

It’s crucial to understand exactly what you should have done during routine HVAC maintenance to get the most benefits out of it. First of all, inspections are done annually to check for any abnormalities, damage, malfunctions, or other issues.

Secondly, a full cleaning of the system is performed twice a year. The air ducts are given a thorough cleaning to keep the air quality within the home high. The evaporator and condenser coils are cleaned to ensure effective transfer of condensation and heat. Drains are cleaned to prevent clogs and ensure all of the moisture within the system is removed. Air filters are also either cleaned or replaced, depending on the type of filter, to provide stronger airflow and higher air quality.

Third, lubrication will be applied to most moving parts within the HVAC system. Lubrication helps parts such as bearings, belts, and pulleys from deteriorating by reducing friction.

Finally, technicians will test every aspect of the system to ensure that everything is functioning safely and correctly. The gas, carbon monoxide, and refrigerant levels are also noted, and any adjustments required for safety and functionality will be made.

Here are some reasons why regular HVAC maintenance is a smart investment.

1. Reduce the Need for Costly Repairs

A poorly maintained HVAC system is more likely to require costly repair work more frequently than one that is well-maintained. By scheduling regular tune-ups, cleanings, and inspections, you can prevent minor and major issues from developing in your HVAC system.

HVAC maintenance is even useful if problems have already started to develop. During regular maintenance work, a technician can identify and address issues before they become major problems. Getting these minor problems rectified as soon as possible prevents you from needing to spend much more money down the road for major repairs.

2. Maximize the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

One of the biggest expenses you can ever incur in your home is a total HVAC replacement. HVAC systems should be able to function effectively in your home for over 20 years. However, neglecting your system can cut its lifespan in half, leaving you with the need for a replacement in just 10 years.

Replacing your HVAC system prematurely is a waste of money. Regular maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your unit and save you from high replacement costs for as long as possible.

3. Lower Energy Bills

A poorly maintained HVAC system is extremely inefficient. Clogged air filters force your HVAC system to struggle to heat and cool rooms. If the system is unable to cool or heat rooms properly, the unit runs for much longer than it should.

During a routine HVAC tune-up, many issues that negatively impact efficiency can be detected and fixed. If you neglect to get your HVAC system tuned-up annually, these issues will go unnoticed and continue to make your system even more inefficient.

Investing in HVAC maintenance is a great way to keep energy costs low and avoid dreading your monthly energy bill. On average, a well-maintained HVAC system can save homeowners between 10% and 30% on their energy bills compared to poorly maintained units.

4. Avoid Breakdowns and Other Emergencies

Experiencing an HVAC breakdown in the blistering heat of summer or the frigid cold of winter is a nightmare for most homeowners. HVAC breakdowns are an uncomfortable inconvenience at best and a dangerous health hazard at worst.

Apart from breakdowns, HVAC systems can also be the cause of several damaging and dangerous emergencies such as:

  • Gas leaks
  • Water leaks and flooding
  • Electrical issues and exposed wiring

Putting the health and safety of you and your family at risk is never an option. Although emergencies can happen to any system, a professional HVAC technician can make your system as safe as possible by performing thorough maintenance regularly.

5. Maintain Your Warranty

Warranties are incredibly valuable for any HVAC system. In the event of a parts failure or other malfunction, your warranty will cover parts and labor for the repairs or replacements. HVAC warranties can last over 10 years, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in potential repair costs.

However, your warranty may become invalid if you don’t have regular maintenance performed on the system. The maintenance needs to follow the guidelines provided in your warranty. Additionally, proof of this maintenance needs to be shown to the manufacturer to keep the warranty valid.

6. Improve Air Quality

Poorly maintained HVAC systems are filthy. The air filters and air ducts become caked in dust, pollen, hair, dander, bacteria, and other airborne particulates. The dirty air circulates throughout your home instead of being removed by the filter or during a ductwork cleaning, drastically reducing the air quality.

Living in a home with poor air quality is bad enough for the average person, but it may be insufferable or even dangerous for people with allergies, respiratory conditions, and other illnesses. Investing in regular HVAC maintenance helps keep the air quality within your home high. It also ensures that your home remains a healthy and comfortable environment for everyone.

7. Protect Your Property

Your HVAC system does much more than simply keep you, your family, and your pets comfortable in extreme temperatures. It also plays a vital role in protecting your property from damage.

Air conditioning is crucial for safeguarding your possessions against heat damage, especially items like wall paint, artwork, and electronics. Additionally, the air conditioner acts as a dehumidifier, which helps prevent moisture damage to your belongings during humid summer days.

Heating protects pipes from freezing and bursting, potentially causing massive water damage. Proper heating is also important for keeping your indoor plants healthy and preventing the wood in your home from cracking. Without regular HVAC maintenance, your system will be hindered from protecting your valuable belongings from damage.

8. Increase the Value of Your Home

A poorly maintained HVAC system is a red flag to many potential home buyers. The thought of expensive repairs and replacements immediately comes to mind upon seeing a poorly maintained HVAC system. It may also lead to the suspicion that other important areas of the house have been neglected as well.

A well-maintained HVAC system sends the opposite message to buyers. It provides potential buyers with peace of mind, and it indicates that you have likely taken care of the rest of your home, too.

If your HVAC system requires any form of maintenance, you can trust our skilled technicians at TCS Heating and Air Conditioning to provide you with prompt and professional service. In addition to HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation services, we also provide these services for air purifiers, whole-house humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and more. For additional information on any of the services we provide to the areas in and around New Britain, Pennsylvania, contact us at TCS Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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